Who we are?

Body types are so diverse that not everyone around the world has the same body type. Babies born today are also born with their own unique body type. Although they resemble their parents' body types, even siblings do not have the same body shape. Even if they are twins, they only look alike, but their height, weight, finger shape, toe shape, chest shape, face shape, etc. all change as they live. In life, we sometimes fall and have accidents. They also do hard labor. In the process of living in this living environment, an asymmetric body shape develops. No matter what type of body shape we have, we can make it into a normal body shape regardless of age or gender. In addition, please select an example of the body type we provide or send us a photo (superstar, super model, etc.) if you have a body type you like. We will make it just like that. “Yotastar,” the world’s first on-demand body management system, will make your wishes come true.
We have developed advanced hyper techniques based on the inspiration of SPONTANNEOUS NATURAL HEALING for a variety of abnormal body types. This advanced hyper technique has excellent effects not only on the musculoskeletal system with abnormal displacement, but also on subjects with low displacement, thereby enhancing the value of a balanced physical body.
Send us a photo of the body type you want and we will create it for you.
The world's first on-demand body type management system
Our management includes:

S line management - clavicle line management, rib cage management, back management
Leg care - O, Ankle care - ankle, instep, and toe care
Wrist care - Shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger care
Pelvic care - left and right hip management, butt volume up management, sattleback management, lower body obesity management
Spine care - scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, straight spine care
Body shape management - chin care, shoulder care, elbow care, hand care
Obesity management - neck obesity, back obesity, flank obesity, abdominal obesity, pelvic obesity
Skin care - psoriasis care, atopy care, allergic skin care
Facial care - Facial and skull care
Exercise management-exercise management tailored to your changing body
Superstar - Superstar, sports star, idol professional management
Prospective star - Professional management for those who dream of becoming an idol or model
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    Introduction to the first manual technique