Management information

Body shape

Level 1

Chin care, shoulder care

Hand care, elbow care

hip care

foot care

knee care

Consultation inquiry


Step 2

Neck obesity, back obesity

Pelvic obesity

flank obesity

recovery training

lower body obesity

Consultation inquiry

Leg care

Step 3

OX bow legs

honey thighs

Stiff legs

calf biceps

ankles and thighs

Consultation inquiry

Pelvic care

Step 4

Left and right HIP

Hip volume UP

Masculinized female pelvis

Before and after childbirth

Pelvis, saddle bag

Consultation inquiry
  1. Individual specialization
  2. individual responsibility
  3. Notification settings/li>
  4. Chat and video consultation
  5. Rest area provided
  6. Drinks provided
  7. Wireless WiFi provided
  8. Parking lot provided
  9. Basic snacks provided

Management information

Step-by-step management is a classification for easier understanding, but in reality, it is a step by management content.

S line

Step 5

Clavicle line and forearm care

Thoracic Care

Back and back fat management

Flank fat, abdominal fat

Consultation inquiry

skin care

Step 6

dry skin care

facial skin care

Atopy management

scalp care

Consultation inquiry

Spine care

Step 7

Curvature of the spine (scoliosis)

anterior curvature of the spine

Spinal curvature (lordosis)

straight spine care

Consultation inquiry

facial care

Step 8

Facial asymmetry


lip care

Nose care

Consultation inquiry


This is Yottastar’s body type management and sponsorship contract workflow.

  • 1
    basic consultation

    Consultation is provided through online/offline meetings.

  • 2
    Material preparation

    After consulting with the customer, we prepare a plan.

  • 3

    After consultation, management details are calculated and presented.

  • 4
    Write a contract

    Create a trade secret protection agreement containing management information.

  • 5
    schedule guide

    Once the schedule is set, we will notify you.

  • 6
    Start management

    Start management.