• Q: Is it possible to sell your body type? Master 2024.02.13

    The world's first on-demand body shape management system can create the body shape you want.

    You may not believe it, but it's a fact.

    Make an appointment for a consultation and see for yourself.

  • Q: Is there a limit for men and women of all ages? 운영자 2024.02.11

    Yes, right.

    It is possible for men and women of all ages.

  • Q: I'm a corporate CEO. What are the expected effects? 운영자 2024.02.11

    People first judge others based on their appearance. It’s a little different from lookism.


    If your opponent has hunched shoulders and can't walk well, they will look very weak.

    So, you end up being ignored by your partner.


    Corporate CEOs are in a position to make important choices and agreements. However, if you appear weak, no matter how reasonable you present the terms to the other party, the other party will ignore them, so you may have to keep the transaction terms to yourself.

    We will try to make it more advantageous.


    This is something that can happen during work.

  • Q: Do sports stars also need body shape management? 운영자 2024.02.11

    of course.

    Angles are very important in all disciplines of sports.

    It is very closely related to all types of sports, including professional golfers, professional baseball players, boxing, taekwondo, judo, volleyball, and basketball.


    Every exercise has a manual. However, each person who actually implements it is different. Because no two body types are the same.

    Even if we acquire skills and tips through repeated training, our bodies gradually change over time.

    When this deformation occurs, the angle of the body changes, so when baseball players and golf players throw, hit the ball, or make a shot, they can see that the ball does not go where they thought it would, unlike before.

    This is called a slump or getting older, but if strength is a problem as you get older, the power should decrease and the angle should not change.


    If so, you need to learn the tricks again through repeated training to suit your changed body. As time goes by, accuracy decreases.

    No matter how great a coach you meet, if you have a problem with your body type, this is the reason why you will never be able to move the way the coach wants.


    Our Yota Star will help you become a top sports player.

  • Q: I dream of becoming a dancer. What effects can I expect? 운영자 2024.02.11

    Dance is a very beautiful movement that only humans can perform.

    When we watch dancers' dance moves on YouTube or TV, we see that some people dance well and some people do not. Of course, there is a difference in skill.


    Dance is a movement act that demonstrates the body in action rather than the brain and mind. However, it is difficult for a person with a big belly, a bent waist, bent arms, and bent legs to dance.

    Do people with normal body types dance the same way?


    No matter how much you learn and follow the dance moves, you easily reach your limit and the dance moves are not implemented well because of your asymmetrical body shape.

    In particular, famous dancers who practice b-boying are people who are born with perfect body types.


    The dance of a dancer with a normal body type is very beautiful and sophisticated.


    If you are an active idol, a professional dancer, or a dancer who dreams of dancing, join Yota Star.

    We will make you the best.

  • Q: Please tell me how to exercise. 운영자 2024.01.27

    Exercise is something healthy people do.

  • Q: Is Yottastar a proofreader? 운영자 2024.01.27

    There is no association with popular yoga, core exercise, manual therapy, and chiropractic to cure musculoskeletal diseases.

  • Q: What does Yotastar do? 운영자 2024.01.27

    Yottastar has developed Hyper (overwhelmingly scalable) technology that restores any deformed body shape to a normal body shape without any restrictions, regardless of gender or age.

    The target audience is businessmen, idols, prospective stars, current superstars, supermodels, sports stars, etc. who want to increase their value to the extreme.

    In addition, ordinary people who want to increase their value are also welcome.


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