Please order the body type you want.

yottastar has developed the world's first technology that can restore any deformed body type to normal regardless of gender or age.

In addition, if you select the body type you want from the image link below the main homepage or send us a photo of the body type you want (superstar, super model, etc.), we will Ctrl+C -> Crtl+V according to your body type.


I have short legs so there is no need to shorten my pants. All you have to do is match the upper and lower body ratio.

Now you don't have to force yourself to wear clothes that don't fit or have them repaired.

The world’s first on-demand body type management system “YottaStar”

Yotastar will make your wishes come true.


If I eat that food when I'm hungry, will I feel full? People who only worry about this will live in the pain of hunger for the rest of their lives.


“A hundred words are a few words, a hundred words are a few words, a hundred words are a few things, and a hundred pieces are a few things.”


If you experience it just once, you will immediately see the changes that will come.

Words and hearts can be deceiving. But you can never fool your body.


The customer says that it is difficult to walk because his back is bent and his legs are spread out.

So Yotastar straightened out his bent back and legs, but he said he still found it difficult to walk.


Yotastar never trusts its customers.

However, customers can trust Yotastar.





If you take a closer look at yourself, your family, friends, and people from outside, you can easily see that most people have asymmetrical body types.
Rather than lack of interest, it is due to a lack of concept that people simply see people as thin or fat.


[Basic concept]


You will see tall people, short people, people with curved backs, people with turtle necks, people with protruding bellies, people with short legs, and people with long legs.


[Shall we look more carefully?]


When I look at the face, the eyes are drooped, the eye level is different, the nose is curved and curved, and the nose is also slightly crooked to the right or left.
Now I see that my mouth is also twisted and
Some people also find it difficult to open and close their mouth. If you do, you will know for yourself, but if others do not tell you about these details, they may not know, but they can guess.


If you pay attention, you can see more details, right? Now you will also see the contents below.


If you look at a person with short legs, their upper body is elongated. I don't like the way it's stretched out, but it's slightly bent diagonally to the right or left and forward and back.

Oh, when I looked at my legs, my knees were bent inward. Yes, it's called the X leg. Another person's knees are wide open. Yes, it is. It's O-leg.

Can you see more details?


[Once you can distinguish this level, you will see it in more detail.]


This is especially the case for women, whose hips are saggy. Or, there is almost no hip and it is bare. This applies to men as well, but for women it is even more unsightly.

Even now

There are more wrinkles on the face compared to age, and nasolabial folds are also visible. The right and left faces are identical. The proportion between the top and bottom of the lips doesn't match.

Ear size and position are also different. One side is large or tilted back. Or, both sides are tilted back so the ears are not clearly visible when viewed from the front.


[These people have something in common.]


1. It has an asymmetric body type.
2. The body type is severely asymmetrical.
3. There is facial asymmetry. Or, the face is big and the face is the same.
4. I have scoliosis
5. Straight neck, turtle neck, and inverted C-shaped tree.
6. There is a difference in leg length.
7. Flat leg, O leg, X leg
8. Chronic headaches, tonsil pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness frequently occur. In the case of women, there are many female diseases such as menstrual irregularity and menstrual pain. Other symptoms include hand eczema and hyperhidrosis.
9. I have chronic fatigue all the time and get tired easily.
10. There is cervical disc, lumbar disc, and stenosis.


The work details are as follows:


[Hip Management]
- Increase butt volume (as desired)
- Clap clap hip management
-S_line up (as desired)
-Natural facial plastic surgery (as desired)
-Pelvic beauty (whatever you want)

[Facial care]
Forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, nasolabial folds, sagging cheekbones, chin chin, cheekbones, upper jaw, lower jaw, facial reduction (up, down, left and right), forehead management (Jjonjanori), upper lip (orbital line management), lower lip

[Obesity management]

-Upper body obesity management

-Lower body obesity management

-Management of flank obesity
[Skin care]


-Other telegraph
[Leg care]

-Old legs

-X legs

-Squat legs
[Spine care]

-Scoliosis management

- Straight spine management

-Management of lordosis

-Kyphosis management
[Management of entire body shape from head to toe]


The image below shows the changing process of a Yota Star member. They are the same person and are protected by portrait rights.

Please do not misuse it.











Check out the beauty of balance in the last two photos. They are all the same person.

As time goes by, you can see that your skin is restored and your face and body shape become more balanced rather than shriveled.


No one is their true self right now.
Yota Star will help you regain your lost true self.
Anyone, regardless of gender or age, can do this.

In particular, if you notice that your students or children lag behind in their thinking, stutter their words, are too simple, have difficulty concentrating, speak gibberish or have nothing to do with the topic, or have unexpected actions or words that are difficult to understand, please contact Yotastar.

In most cases, the displacement is severe. Because they do not understand each other, loud noises are exchanged and there is constant conflict within the family. The same goes for adults.

The fatigue doesn't go away. Loss of confidence is all included.


Every effect must have a cause.


If you visit Yota Star, most of the chronic headaches, dizziness, migraines, chronic fatigue, and inexplicable discomfort caused by asymmetric body shape (displacement) will disappear.

If you schedule a consultation, we will provide detailed information.