For a long time, humanity has not been aware of the Earth rotating and revolving around its axis. It was thought that the sun and all stars revolved around the Earth. Naturally, it was also because it could not be seen from outside the Earth.

In the 2nd century, Plemaius observed the movement of stars and the sun in the sky and thought that all stars and the sun revolved around the Earth.

This is called geocentrism or geocentrism.


However, when looking at the movement of stars through the geocentric theory, several problems arose, including the "parallax" of the stars and the change in the shape of Venus.

Star parallax refers to a phenomenon in which the position of a star appears to change relative to the star because the Earth orbits around the sun. If the Earth were stationary as the geocentric theory says, parallax would not appear. The geocentric theory cannot explain the parallax.

In addition, when observing Venus, changes in various shapes appear like the moon, but according to the geocentric theory, Venus should only appear in the shape of a crescent or old moon, so the changes in Venus' phases could not be explained by the geocentric theory.


In the 16th century, Copernicus was the first to assert the heliocentric theory, and the heliocentric theory was proven through Galileo Galilei's telescope, and later scholars such as Kappler and Newton proved that the heliocentric theory was correct. It took about 1,400 years to change from geocentric to heliocentric.


However, when we hear the story of Galileo Galilei, who was tried by the Inquisition in 1633 for writing a book arguing for the heliocentric theory, and returned home after promising not to argue for the heliocentric theory in the future, we realize how scary our human stereotypes are.


If we still believed in geocentrism, our modern civilization would not have developed as much as it does now. Even though the mistake has been completely revealed and proven, I cannot help but wonder what the intention of hiding the truth and sticking to the wrong idea to the end is really trying to protect.




YOTTA is 1024, a prefix defined by the World Physical Society as YOTTA, referring to the largest number, and STAR is a star.

So, Yotastar means countless stars in the universe, countless human beings and life forms, and all unique beings that are similar but not the same.

I am the only unique being in the universe, there is only one, there cannot be two, there is no one with the same face or body shape as me, so even if parents and siblings resemble each other in terms of thoughts, tastes in food, standards for eating, and even hearts, they are all subjective and subjective. It can be said that it exists and is an objective object.

That is why there is a healing method that is just right for me.


Yotastar's natural healing is not about healing by going into nature such as a forest with clean air, but is a new level of healing that introduces the concept of spontaneous natural healing called A SPONTANEOUS NATURAL HEALING, which aims to complete the body and mind of different human beings. This method allows you to regain your original self.

Would you like to choose geocentrism? Or would you rather choose heliocentrism?


Yotastar is the hope and future of humanity around the world.


YOTTASTAR Doctor of Science Kim Mingwan